Dionisos Restaurant Huertas

Meet the outstanding gastronomy of southern Greece...

Our culture, our traditions, our history and also many of our words have Greek roots. Seen this way, it makes sense (Greek logos) in the district de las Letras in Madrid we can find a restaurant Dionisos. We have opened a charming space that shows the effort of Dionisos Group to overcome goals and challenges in each new restaurant.

In Dionisos Huertas you will meet the outstanding cuisine of southern Greece, enriched by the encounter of the Mediterranean, Turkish and Asian gastronomy. You can try it on the dishes of its abundant and economic menu, full of treats to share and tasty main dishes; like as exohico with chicken or Garides Mikrolimano, not to  forget desserts as the well-known Karidopita or the famous yogurt.

At Dionisos restaurants we always cook with traditional and indigenous products, which merge seamlessly with modern and pleasant decor of the place. We have worked with will to transmit the lights of the Hellenic peninsula displaying each and every one of their secrets to assure the enjoyment of your senses.

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Dionisos Greek Restaurants