Dionisos Restaurant Figueroa

At Greek Restaurant Dionisos Figueroa enjoy the wisest recipes and most delicate tastes

In Greek restaurant Dionisos Figueroa we transport you to classic ancient Greece, where the preparation of lunch was a health issue and simultaneously a delight for the palate. With recipes full of wisdom and flavor, without losing the Mediterranean culinary touch. We ensure that our menus and Greek dishes reflect your expectations.

At Dionisos Figueroa we have created for you an elegant, comfortable and cheerful atmosphere where each element represents a piece of Greece. If you wonder about the flavors and ingredients of our menu, with each bite we take you even closer to the wonderful island of Mykonos or the precious Metsovo. With desserts as the famous Greek yogurt with honey and nuts or the delicious Revani, you fulfill the Greek experience.

At the Greek restaurant Dionisos Figueroa benefit of the wisest recipes and the most delicate tastes more and book your table. We are at your service in order to enjoy this intense culinary journey.

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