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Authentic mediterranean, with light, classic...

It`s amazing the gastronomic variety you can find in the Born district of Barcelona. But when you are looking for an elaborated taste, mediterranean, light, both classic and surprising, the best you can do is come to our deepest roots and choose Dionisos Born Greek restaurant.

Except from the chosen Greek products, at Dionisos we offer a vaste and very complete menu that reflects the best of the southern Greek peninsula and islands. Dishes where East & West get together like exohikò of chicken, giouvetsi or queso saganaki. For dessert, of course, we prepare a selection of timeless classics in which we can’t omit the famous Greek yogurt.

You are invited to enjoy the incredible value – service of our dishes in the cozy lounge, which combines local elements with modern touches, obtaining conveying the charm and the Greek atmosphere. Do not miss the Greek dances on Friday and Saturday night with the liberating tradition of breaking dishes.

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