Dionisos Restaurant Aribau

At Greek Restaurant Dionisos Aribau you can find a relaxed and informal atmosphere with light colors ...

Is not only about a classic Greek mythology name, but also a name that refers to a high exponent of Greek cuisine in Barcelona: Dionisos Aribau. A place where traditional recipes made with artisan products in each dish ensuring transport you to the very Athens.

A relaxed and informal atmosphere in light colors , where the music, the decoration and good quality prepare you for the full enjoyment of Greek cuisine. The Greek menu of Dionisos Aribau focuses on the most exquisite recipes from Hellas, such as Mikrolimano Garides, hilopites and a typical dessert baklava. You can not resist!

Enjoy the wisest recipes and most authentic tastes booking your table to Greek restaurant Dionisos Aribau, you will not regret it.

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