Dionisos Franchising project started after several years of experience and know-how and is the result of requests and offers received by our customers who after knowing us ask for help to start their own Dionisos.

There are two very important features that differentiate us from other restaurant franchises :

  • We want every Dionisos to be a unique and handy place. A space in which make known to customers our culture and the most modern Greece but always keeping our traditions. Thanks to the architect Minos Digenis who is in charge of the interior design project Dionisos since the creation of the group, the new Dionisos reflect the current premises in Greece, in our stores you will not find recreations of ruins and Greek sculptures, but will make you feel as being in Greece thanks to the colors, the light, the furniture …


  • Because we are direct importers you will have the finest artisan products and the best quality brought from Greece at the best price, without intermediaries.

We offer you two different restaurant concepts for your Dionisos franchise:

Restaurant Dionisos except from restaurant if the local allows it can also have brewery or a corner (so whether it  is brewery-ready or no the conditions to be applied are those of Restaurant Dionisos) and a second option for smaller premises and for those who want a more casual place, Dionisos (Quick Greek).

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