Dionisos Import

In 2008 we incorporate to our business the direct import from Greece of a large number and variety of products.

Pursuing several key achievements through imports, we maintain today with even better results:

By not relying on any intermediary, the price is highly competitive and allows us to also ensure full monitoring of the entire purchasing process, from the original producer to customer delivery.

Thanks to our close knowledge of the producers and their working methods, we maintain and provide the best quality-price at every moment and always laying exclusively among the premium brands.

To do this, we travel monthly to Greece, visiting the producers and we get to know firsthand the best, in both existing products and all the latest varieties that may arise. Regularly we perform quality checks on the imported products in order to ensure that the product received is exactly what we expected and that their quality is the best possible.

Within our entire range of imported products you can find, among others, the following selections:

Best Kalamata olives, authentic extra virgin olive oil from Greece, Metsovo loukaniko, authentic Greek yogurt, paksimadi from Crete, Wines Nemea, Macedonia and Santorini, the best ouzo and Samos wine, cheeses from all regions and islands, pitas and a large variety of many products that we are disponible show them to you when you need to know.

We perform imports in another field that defines us and makes our restaurants, their character and their design to reflect contemporary Greece. We import furniture and utensils typical Greek: tables, chairs, trays, jugs, cups.

With our expertise, infrastructure and overall provision, we can find find any greek product you may need.

Jean-Philippe Cazaux
Co-Founder & CEO
tel.: +34 93 647 95 46
mail: jeanphilippe@dionisosimport.com


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